“Magnifying the importance of quality and consistency
for superior outcome”

Because Seeds are the foundation of agriculture. Technology has modernized much of farming’s day-to-day operations and because Seed quality plays the most important role in the production of agronomic and horticultural crops.

Since the beginning MAGseeds made it its Ultimate goal to achieve and maintain high seed quality, with its Vast experience and advanced production techniques and through working with growers from all parts of the world; MAGseeds now provides Advanced seeds that can help mitigate risks such as disease, drought, soil and climate changes and allow farmers to grow food using less land, less water and fewer inputs.



Our vision is to create from MAGseeds product mix a memorable seeds brand in the international market, thus creating a value for its stakeholders leading to a sustainable competitive advantage in which quality value always exceeds the price value.



Our mission is to create value for our products in the international market by serving our customers’ needs at an optimal price that would lead to a sustainable growth. At MAGseeds we believe in a quality system that is continually improving. We strive to provide higher Quality, Yield and value seeds at an optimal price to achieve customer satisfaction and growth in both productivity and earnings.